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Taking care of your family requires a comprehensive approach. You cannot focus only on your family’s physical well-being. Their mental and emotional issues also need to be addressed.

We at Cornell & Associates Marriage and Family Therapy can provide the support many people struggling with mental or emotional health typically need. Secure the help your family needs by trying our online therapy & counseling services in Los Angeles, CA. Our online services are also available in other parts of California.

  • Shanti: inner peace

  • Bhāvanā: mental insight

  • Karuṇā: guided healing

Confronting Trauma, Conflict, and Other Sources of Mental Health Struggles

More people are starting to understand the importance of professional therapy and counseling. However, some individuals remain unaware that they can receive support for the issues they’re currently dealing with.

A professional therapist can help you better manage complex mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. Speak to your therapist about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing lately. They can confirm if the symptoms you’ve mentioned are consistent with the aforementioned disorders or other mental health issues. After confirming your diagnosis, you and your therapist can collaborate and create a treatment plan.

In the aftermath of a traumatic event that affected you and your spouse, the two of you may struggle to re-establish the bond you once had. The two of you have drifted apart, and your marriage may be in jeopardy. A professional therapist can help you and your partner sort through the issues affecting your marriage. You will soon understand the best path forward for you and your spouse based on how the counseling sessions go.

Conflict with other family members can also weigh heavily on you. Because you’re wary of weakening such important bonds, you may have difficulty resolving the situation. Your therapist can present you with different answers to consider. By taking action based on their suggestions, you may finally be able to resolve the conflict plaguing your family.

Therapy is also an option worth considering for issues caused by stress. Bring happiness back into your daily life by trying marriage and family therapy in Los Angeles, CA.

The Benefits of Online Therapy & Counseling Services in Los Angeles, CA

Online therapy and counseling may be the solution that finally works for your family.

If members of your family have shied away from therapy because of the perceived stigma associated with it, going online is a good compromise. Your family members can receive counseling from their rooms’ private and comfortable confines.

Some people also find it easier to talk about their problems when they don’t have to deal with another person face-to-face. Knowing you are safe inside your home, you can be more open and vulnerable.

The convenience of online therapy is also undeniable. Set your appointment for your free time and rest easy knowing the infamous Los Angeles traffic won’t get in your way.

Most importantly, the quality of the therapy you receive is not compromised even if you get it online. Thanks to modern technology and the work put in by therapists, patients can receive expert counseling while staying at home.


“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” (Rumi)

Therapy Services

Counseling can help you and your family deal with individual issues, but there are often deeper problems that play a role as well. At Cornell & Associates, we also offer family therapy services to help you work through the issues your family may be facing. Instead of solving the problem you’re currently dealing with, we’ll work to help you figure out the root cause of that problem so we can solve that instead.

Family therapy and counseling do overlap in some ways, and we may use a combination of the two services to make sure you’re getting the help you need. However, therapy is typically a more long-term approach than counseling, which makes it a great way for families to connect and get a better understanding of how they interact with each other.

Like our family counseling services, our family therapy services are only available online in California. You can fill out a family therapy intake form to get set up with a therapist and start family therapy as soon as possible.


The main difference between marriage and family therapy and counseling is the approach. With counseling, you’re typically looking at an individual issue and figuring out its root cause and what you can do to solve it. Therapy is a more long-term approach that involves working to change underlying attitudes and habits that may lead to the types of issues that people get counseling for. We often use these two services together for a comprehensive approach.

The purpose of marriage and family therapy is to help you and your family understand how you interact with each other, why, and how those interactions may affect each other. You can use family therapy and counseling to work on general issues you’re having as a family, or you can use it to address a specific issue such as bad behavior at school or a divorce.

You can expect your marriage and family therapist to help you, your spouse, and your children get a better understanding of family dynamics, and the effect family members have on each other. Over time, you can work to eliminate minor attitudes and behavioral issues that may cause problems at home, and you can form a stronger bond because of that. Keep in mind that seeing results can take time, and opening up to a therapist may be difficult for some people at first.

Need Online Therapy & Counseling Services in Los Angeles, CA

Your family is such an important part of your life, and marriage and family therapy can help you build strong family relationships. At Cornell & Associates, we can help you connect with a family therapist so you can get a better understanding of your family and marriage. Whether you need help with problems at school, a divorce, or general discord in the family, we’re here to help. Contact us or fill out our family therapy intake form to connect with a therapist and get started today.