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During this particular time of staying home or inside due to Coronavirus, online therapy is an excellent tool to stay consistent in therapy and get support.

Online Therapy or Teletherapy are regular talk therapy sessions, conducted through video screens on your computer or smartphone.

It is also an option for individuals or couples who would like to have therapy from the privacy or comfort of their home, office or private space of their choice without the hassle of commuting or travel.

If you are constrained by time, schedule, or location this option allows you to have therapy. During this historic time, this is an option for all of our needs.

Online therapy offers privacy and confidentiality and is bound by the same strict local and federal laws as “in office” therapy.

Common Questions

Most insurance companies reimburse for online teletherapy sessions. Please check with your plan to see what is available for you.

Online therapy sessions are delivered through HIPAA protected online video platforms.

Therapists in our practice who offer online sessions are New York and California state Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

Have Additional Questions?

Please feel free to ask any additional questions or concerns you have about moving forward with online therapy. You can email us anytime at or call (917) 225-1401.

We hope to provide therapy for as many people as possible, using online therapy at this time of needed support. Please check out our donation based and/or free online support groups running through May 2020.

Support Groups

We will be offering support groups once a week for an hour through the Zoom platform. Donation based and/or free for people who are in need through this historic time of the Coronavirus impact.

  1. For therapists who are working in the field or front lines
  2. For health care professionals feeling trauma and emotional fatigue
  3. For parents who are home with children
  4. For individuals who live alone and need support/contact
  5. For people who have recently lost their job
  6. For couples who are now together 24/7 during these times
  7. For emotional regulation practices
  8. For mindfulness practices

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Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families in New York and California

Welcome to a JOURNEY where your emotions open an opportunity for GROWTH

Asking for help in therapy is a difficult step! Andrea Cornell founded Cornell & Associates MFT because she saw a need for holistic psychotherapy in New York City. Our therapists integrate traditional psychology with eastern philosophy when doing psychotherapy with individuals, couples and family’s. We strive to create a space where healing occurs with a heart centered and open minded approach. We believe the experience of therapy is an emotional journey where healing and change is possible.


What Others Say…

Andrea Cornell has an incredible ability to match clients with the right therapist. She has great insight and cares about clients always making sure they find their best fit. Andrea has also helped clients find the perfect match at the Relationship Suite and we are always grateful for her expertise.

Rachel Moheban-Wachtel, LCSW Owner of The Relationship Suite

I refer patients to Cornell & Associates, knowing that clinical assessment and thoughtful pairing is done with each case. Andrea’s experienced at treating patients with a high range of issues and she knows how to connect people to the right therapist.

Dr. Rahim Rahemtulla, Triple Board Certified Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist


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