Depression is a complex condition, affecting the brain and body. It can be triggered by many different factors, such as life events, medications, and stress. People who have a family history of depression or are at risk for developing the disorder are more likely to develop it.  

Researchers believe depression is caused by changes in the brain that affect how certain areas respond to a variety of hormones. These changes may occur in the frontal lobes of the brain, where emotions are stored. In addition, researchers have found that chronic inflammation is a common underlying factor for depression. High levels of chronic inflammation can be caused by autoimmune disorders, bacterial infections, and high stress. This is an area of research that still needs to be elucidated but could lead to anti-inflammatory treatments for depression. 


Most people feel sad or down from time to time, but when those feelings are intense and last for days or weeks, it may be a sign of depression. This is a serious mood disorder that needs to be treated, because it can affect your life. 

Depression symptoms can look very different from person to person. They can include things like feeling hopeless or worthless, irritability, anger, and lack of interest in daily activities. Often, physical symptoms such as joint pain, back pain, and digestive problems can also be associated with depression. This is because chemicals in the brain that are linked to depression, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, can cause both mood and physical symptoms. 


People with depression usually require treatment to help them feel better and prevent the symptoms from worsening. Depending on the severity of the depression, this treatment may include medications or therapy. The professionals at Cornell & Associates Marriage and Family Therapy can diagnose depression by doing a physical exam and asking the patient about their symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They will also be sure to check your medical history to make sure that there is no underlying physical problem. Contact them here today: